Aesthetics Memberships

Would you like to look years younger? Dogwood Dental Spa has the answer.
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Monthly Membership Agreement

You are electing to join the Dogwood Dental Spa Monthly Membership program by which you will make monthly payments into your Dogwood Dental Spa Wallet for the rights to receive discounted rates on certain services provided by Dogwood Dental Spa. Please check the Membership-program you are electing to participate in pursuant to the terms and conditions provided in this Agreement

The Refresher Membership

$99 (12 months)

Payments of $99 per month to your Dogwood Dental Spa Wallet, which may be applied towards any treatment provided by Dogwood Dental Spa at the time of that treatment at the
following discounted rates (any treatment not listed is available, but will be at our normal pricing at the time of treatment):


$12 (months)

*Over $2,800 in Annual Savings


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